About psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is the generic name for a large number of talking therapies, some interventions have subtle ways of working others are much more structured. All methods are focused on improving psychological well being of clients. Due to the way the term psychotherapy is used interchangeably with specific therapeutic techniques it often causes confusion to those looking for help and support. There is much overlap with regards psychotherapy and counselling and often it is just a nuance the makes a difference and interpretation that makes the differences.

Psychotherapy can be used for long or short term therapeutic interventions, however as with counselling it can also be used for crisis management. This use would be dependant on the practitioners approach (modality) and the clients needs. Psychotherapies are generally conducted in a one-to-one format, however they can and are also delivered face-to-face or via digital means, this too depends on the practitioners modality and the issues which are needing to be addressed.

Use of therapy
There are many events and moments that happen to us in our lives, these incidents can be unexpected and cause negative unwanted effects long into the future. Such experiences can put us off balance, unsettle us even change our life. However with the right support such moments can often be resolved when you talk to a trained therapist who can help you intern they can help reduce the time needed to recover and help you gain better resilience for further life challenges, it can even provide us with valuable learnings.

Although there are many different styles of psychotherapies these styles are referred to as modalities. You can be assured that registered psychotherapist receives a high level of training, some therapists training is solely dedicated to a specific modality other therapists may have a wider training in multi modalities. All registered therapists are required to have regular supervision with a senior practitioner or peer group supervision. Professional psychotherapist’s have to undertake regular professional development which is on a continual basis throughout their clinical life. If the therapist is registered with a professional body they are often monitored for compliance of set standards so as to continue being on the register.
If you are looking for a professional therapist you may do well to check the professional register of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy.