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The way psychotherapy works.

The main objectives of psychotherapy is to help you gain a better understanding of the issues that are causing your problem.
Psychotherapy can offer new ways of being this can help you to work and function within those situations that you find difficult or challenging. This can help you develop personal methods and strategies to cope better.

It is important that you feel comfortable talking with your therapist and that you feel able to talk freely about any experiences that you had or that you are having. This freedom to talk will help the therapist fully understand the challenges that you are facing and allow them to offer the correct support. Developing a therapeutic relationship can take a while and it is good to be aware of this before deciding that a therapist or therapy is not for you.

Duration of therapy can vary depending on your reason for therapy it may just require several sessions over a relatively short period of time, however it can take a year or more depend on the complexity of the problem. Some therapists offer ongoing support for clients in order to prevent escalation of a particular problem and minimise the stress.

I would suggest that anyone considering therapy would be best to phone a therapist, talk with them on the phone and see how you feel about them and their therapeutic approach. Ask any questions that you have about the way that they work and see if this sounds okay for you. I suggest that you do this with a few therapists, then call back and book an initial consultation with the therapist that you felt most comfortable talking to. No therapist would be offended knowing that you did this. The ability to feel at ease and comfortable discussing what ever you want in the way that you want is foundational to successful treatment.