As the name Hypnopsychotherapy suggests, it is the combining of two disciplines, hypnosis and psychotherapy. The UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) holds a register of all professionally trained hypnopsychotherapist’s in the UK.

Therapy sessions are generally one-to-one and help to illuminate aspects of life which can play a role in the difficulties, this approach allows for the personal development of understanding, emotional awareness. Therapy takes place in a confidential supportive environment.

How its employed
Hypnopsychotherapy is a talking therapy and a psychotherapeutic modality of its own. Unlike other forms of therapy, it is organic in its application making it an integrative form of therapy which adapts to the clients strengths and current needs.
Although Hypnopsychotherapy is a discipline of its own it is used in many different ways depending on the clients needs, the therapist themselves and the therapists training. Do not think that all hypnopsychotherapist work in an identical way because they don’t. Every therapist works to their clients needs making no two therapist’s treatment the same, its all about the client.

Questions answered
The hypnosis element of therapy is what I am often asked about. This can be used in a variety of ways in a very overt way, which is often how hypnosis is introduced to a client for their first time. This is because most clients think of hypnosis in the classic style of hypnosis, for example “Close your eyes… and imagine you are …etc”. There are other ways of working with hypnosis that is more subtle such style is called utilisation hypnosis, this works better with clients who are more anxious about hypnosis. While we are on the subject of hypnosis, lets be clear hypnosis is hypnosis no matter the style or method used. You can not be made or forced into a state of hypnosis, you can only allow yourself to experience by following the instructions of a hypnotist. If you choose not to follow the instructions that you are given then you will not become hypnotised. it is simple. And to debunk another urban myth you can not be made to do anything that you do not want to whilst in a state of hypnosis.

Synergy of the two
The psychotherapeutic element of hypnopsychotherapy helps work with the cause of difficulties, not just the symptoms, hence the importance of combining hypnosis with psychotherapy modalities, this combination creates an ever effective way for treating individuals and their challenges.