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Talking therapy

Hypnopsychotherapy is a talking therapy which can be used to treat and manage a number of physical and psychological issues. One of the common causes of problems in todays society is that of stress and the psychosomatic symptoms that it causes. Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy have been used to good effect to treat and manage stress on many levels and the related symptoms that stress causes. If you have been told that stress  is the cause of your problem or you think that stress is causing your reduced performance, feel bad or behave in a way that you don’t want, then look at Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy as a way of helping your self.

There are any number of events that can happen to any of us through out our lives at any age, and these experiences can make us feel unsettled at the time, or even day, weeks or months later, these life events can lead us to feel emotionally and psychologically fragile. Professional support from a trained therapist who is not part of your common social and professional group of acquaintances can make a big difference to how you feel and preform, not just in the short term but also in the future. This independent confidential support that I offer allow you the ability to regaining balance, facilitating you to get back to where you truly want to be.

If you are wondering wether Hypnosis and Psychotherapy could help you, then contact me to find out. I have worked with many clients with wide ranging difficulties; problems regarding sleeping, issues related to fear and anxiety, difficulties regarding relationships such as separation, divorce, sexual performance and libido related issues, staying in relationship or wanting to be in relationship, dating and digital dating, exam, interview and test nerves, public speaking and presenting, wedding anxiety, these are common problems which I have learned to help clients navigate and over come.

Every one is an individual and every one has had their own experiences of life. This is why when a client comes to me we discuss the problem, how the problem came about, how it is effecting them, if the client wishes to and I feel that I can help them, we then work together developing a unique strategy to help resolve, improve or manage the problem.