Hypnosis has been misunderstood for centuries and yet it has been used millennia to treat medical conditions and general problems as far back as sleep temples in Egypt. With the development of better methods of research there has become an ever increasing understanding of the effectiveness of clinical hypnosis. Hypnosis is now recognised as a natural way to support and improve psychological well being.
Hypnosis is a self induced natural state of focus, this state can be used to facilitate positive changes in ones thoughts, feelings which can facilitate behavioural change.

Hypno-Psychotherapy is a discipline of psychotherapy where the practitioners are trained in psychotherapy and with extended training in clinical hypnosis. This helps practitioners to work with deeper rooted causes rather than using just hypnotherapy alone.
Hypno-Psychotherapy has been used to manage pain, anxiety and stress related health concerns, as well as overcome unhelpful habits and improving confidence.

Hypnotherapy is a form of complimentary therapy which is used to access the subconscious mind thus enable the receptiveness of suggestions.

Psychotherapy is the generic name of multiple psychotherapy interventions call ‘modalities’ all modalities are intended to help heal the mind. Every modality has its own methods and methodologies which practitioners follow. Here are just a few, this list is not exclusive by any means as there are many more. Psychodynamic therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Counselling, Nuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Humanist, Gestalt therapy, and Mindfulness to name but a few.

Combining multiple psychotherapeutic interventions (modalities) with clinical hypnosis creates a specialist field of therapy called  Hypnos-psychotherapy which is recognised by the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy ( UKCP) this combinational discipline permits practitioners to develop an approach to therapy which is congruent to them and  their clients, thus able to offer a personal therapeutic experience tailored to their current needs and future requirements. Hypnosis-psychotherapy is an outcome centred therapy, making it primarily forward facing at the future.