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Feel free to down load the audio file on this page, the audio file is a common used audio technique that helps assess a clients experience of hypnosis. We all experience hypnosis in a different way and understanding this is important when working in and around hypnotic/trance states.


  1. Do not listen to the audio if you are epileptic.
  2. Do not listen to this audio if you are driving or operating machinery.
  3.  Avoid listening to this audio where it may be overheard by drivers or other people who are operating machinery.

 Best practice

These practices should be used when ever listening to any hypnosis or relaxation audio’s provided by me.

  1. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, let people know not to disturb you if you live in a busy house.
  2. Switch of all phones and alarms.
  3. If you are listening to the audio on your phone please remember to switch it to flight mode so that you are not startled if it should ring halfway through the audio.
  4. Sit up or sit in a recumbent position but do not lay down as this may make you fall asleep which is not what this is about.
  5. You may wish to cover your self in a blanket so as not to get cold.
  6. Loosen any tight clothing and remove glasses if you wish.
  7.  In order to get the best experience of this audio I suggest that you wear headphones this helps  make it a more immersive experience and reduces disturbance.

Post Session

Having listened to the audio and in order to get a better understanding of how you experienced the hypnosis it is helpful to answer these questions. It is important for me that you use your own words to describe the experience that you had.

  1. Were you able to relax?
  2. What did this feeling of relaxation feel like (heavy, light)?
  3. Were you able to see or imagine anything?
  4. What did it look like (colour, black and white)?
  5. Did you feel anything (hot, cold)?
  6. What did you hear anything?
  7. What can you remember of the experience?
  8. Did you like the experience?
  9. Were you able to smell anything during the experience?
  10. Were you able to taste anything?
  11. Did your mouth water?

I often use this not only to find out a clients experience of hypnosis but also to point out that just by imagining something it can have a very physical and real world effect on an individual.