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Self-hypnosis is used by many therapist in order for their clients to self administer hypnosis. In truth all hypnosis is self-hypnosis due to the client allowing themselves to go into a hypnotic state of trance wether on their own or with a hypnotist.
Self-hypnosis requires you to be motivated to embark on the process and dedicate some time to the experience, as with most things in life practice is needed to get good at it.
Some therapists will record your session and give you a copy of the hypnosis, this is so you can listen to it in the future, this is one form of self-hypnosis. Another therapists may take time to make a recording  specifically for your needs and ask you to listen to it at certain times. Both of these ways are recognised and have benefits and draw backs. It is not uncommon for therapists to teach you the skills to do self-hypnosis on your own without any audio recordings at all, this method is more difficult but offer greater flexibility, because you can utilise any time or opportunity to practice your self-hypnosis. Which ever way that you have learnt to do self-hypnosis it is fine, just remember that you need to me motivated and put a little time aside to practice it. No two people experience the state of hypnosis in the same way so don’t worry if you ask others and it seems that they have a different method or experience of hypnosis, use the way that works best for you and don’t be frightened to try different methods.

Hypnosis is not suitable for everyone, if you have any questions or need to know if hypnosis will suit you and your needs, please ask a professionally trained hypnopsychotherapist who will be happy to offer guidance.

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