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Client Registration.

By registering you are agreeing to the terms and conditions. Namely not to distribute, copy or play publicly, you will have access to information and audio files that have been made to support you in your ongoing personal development.

If you agree, then spend a moment to fill out the registration document, it will then be sent to be approved and access agreed. The time taken for approval can vary, I strive to approve applications within 48 hours, this is not always possible. If you experience problems in registering then you can contact admin by clicking HERE.

As a registered client this content will be free for your personal use. 

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If you are not a client and still interested in hypnosis, psychotherapy or hypnopsychotherapy then you can still gain access by requesting a ‘Visitor’s Pass’. This membership is restricted to 48hours access (From time of approval) and to the visitors page only. This offers visitors a basic experience of the web-based media delivery (WBMD) in therapy. WBMD is by no way a substitute for conventional clinical work, however it offer easy access to support material for continued personal support and growth. If you have any questions you can contact admin HERE.

Web Based Media Delivery is new to the profession of  therapy and as such this causes the site to be under constant development. I am always interested in your comments and feedback regarding the improvement of this site. This will help the site to be useful, helping it to reach more people.

Thank you for your interest and comments.

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