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Hypnotherapy is considered to be a complimentary therapy. However this does not diminish its effectiveness in its ability to help.
The use of hypnosis in treating health conditions can be traced back centuries, the first recognised person to associate themselves with hypnosis although it was not called hypnosis at this time was a physician call Franz Mesmer (1734 – 1815). I believe that the word ‘mesmerised’ may have origins in Franz Mesmer’s practices with hypnosis.

The name ‘hypnosis’ was created by a Scottish surgeon called Mr James Braid (1795 – 1860). He did not subscribe to the theory’s of Franz Mesmer but applied an approach that used well-established laws of psychology and physiology. His approach was applied to Franz Mesmer’s ‘mesmerism’ in order to explain what he believed was happening when a person was in a state which Mr Braid called ‘hypnosis’.

Present day research has been able go deeper into trying to understand hypnosis by examining the brain whilst in states of hypnosis. This has shown that something is happening in individuals who are in hypnosis that is not present in those who are not, confirming what hypnotists assumed and that is that hypnosis dose exist and its real. In the past hypnosis has been questioned, many people have denied that exists, this is no longer in doubt but in stead the research has moved to try and understand what is actually happening to make it so effective.